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About Us

The KN Vidya Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education to students from financially challenged families. We are an educational organization that works principal and goal to empower these students by giving them the best education possible so that they can become successful in life and contribute back to society. We help them by raising funds for their education through small donations from several people towards educational causes. We work as a group of people who work to provide better opportunities to students, education donations and other sources. For the education expenses of these students, we organize an education crowdfunding by seeking small donations from several people towards education related causes. In this journey, We need your help! By donating to our educational organization or cause, you’ll help us provide every child with their basic needs and right to education so they can build a better future, without any compromise. We work as a team to help those less fortunate than ourselves to provide them with financial assistance for their education needs through crowdfunds and donation campaigns.

Meet the Man who started it all.

Mr. Gupta, as an educationist, is the Founder and Director of KN Vidya Foundation. He has been working on a mission to provide Education based on competencies, strengthening assessment and evaluation practices, creating experiential and joyful learning, preparation of innovative annual pedagogical plans for the transactions of curriculum activities, imparting 21st century skills and teacher capacity building for redefining the role of teachers as ‘Edupreneurs’.

He believes in developing learners' understanding of their own potential and how to achieve success in a changing world by making use of opportunities available to them. He believes that every child has the right to learn and grow as an individual with equal opportunities and access to quality education.

Education is more than just the subjects learned and taught in school. Being educated does not imply attending school and then college, collecting certificates and feeling proud of oneself. It is a lifelong exercise that can be extremely exciting if we choose to board the train of experience and travel to every conceivable location on the planet. Now that we know this cannot be done literally, how do we deal with it, first in school and then as we progress through life? The answer lies within ourselves. It is our own willingness to learn new things, whether it is about a subject taught in class or about something completely different from what we have learnt before.

It's true: education begins at home—not only with parents but also with siblings and other family members who can help children grow up into well-rounded people who are ready for any challenge that comes their way. Education is more than just lessons taught in the classroom from textbooks. For this to happen, we should all be on the same page: children, teachers and parents have to understand that education is not restricted to lessons taught in the classroom from textbooks. Parents and teachers must encourage children to ask as many questions as they can about their world. For it is in wanting to know that will result in actually getting to know.

My message to the Principals, Staff, Students, and Honourable Parents of Knew School, which is administered by the KN Vidya Foundation, is to dedicate this year to a correct understanding of what education truly means and to let us all benefit from it.

Mr & Mrs Gupta



At KN Vidya, we believe in the power of education. KN Vidya believes that all children are born with the right to learn, grow and flourish. We work with the mission to help bridge the gap for those children who need education and have no access to the facilities for learning, existing in our society. That's why we work to provide a learning environment for children who need it most—those children who are impoverished or otherwise unable to attend school. We believe that every child has the potential to be a change-maker, but to realize this potential, they need access to quality education which is what we aim for. Through our programs, we aim at empowering children by equipping them with life skills so that they can fulfil their potential as well as contribute back to their communities. As such, our curriculum focuses on developing positive self-esteem and encouraging critical thinking skills in our students.


At KN Vidya, we want to give everyone a chance to learn and succeed, no matter their circumstances or background. That's why we've created this platform—to help nomadic and marginalized communities attain equality, identity and dignity through knowledge. We want your help! If you're passionate about this cause, let us know how you'd like to get involved. Our mission is to empower underprivileged communities by providing them with equal education opportunities. 


We create events aiming to pear to the voice for children and gather for support.

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