Trips & Activities

Educational trips to nature; To give our children a memorable experience! Our educational trips to nature are the perfect way for our children to make them learn about nature and have fun at the same time! We'll take them on a day-long trek through the woods, where they'll learn about local flora and fauna, as well as how to identify dangerous plants and animals. Then we'll head back to the trip spot, where they'll get some hands-on practice with cooking over an open fire and making s'mores. Finally, we'll wrap up exciting treats!

Workshop/ Mentor Session

It was a beautiful day, and we were looking forward to spending the afternoon with the kids at KN Vidya Foundation. The teachers had been looking forward to this session all day! They were so excited to have such a session. They started off by playing some games together, then it was time for snack time! which is a favourite treat of theirs. After snack time, they talked about what they liked best about being a mentor. The kids said that it made them feel really special when people give them compliments or gifts especially gifts like stickers or colouring books! The kids told that their favourite part about the session is being getting a time with other kids who are just like them they love having someone who understands

Fitness Sessions:

The session is aimed at the formation of a healthy lifestyle among children through physical education, sports and other recreational activities. The program involves the participation of children, teachers and mentors. The main objectives are: To promote a healthy lifestyle among children. To contribute to the development of physical and mental abilities. To develop healthy lifestyle habits. The program includes a wide range of activities: Exercises in groups Individual sports Sports competitions Workshops with professional trainers Social events.

Art & Fun Campaign

Our NPOs aim to help children who are financially backward, so they can learn how to socialize and interact with others. We organize severe campaigns that will help us to raise awareness and encourage people for educational donations. One of our campaigns is based on art & fun activities to showcase that it’s fun and easy to support our initiatives by donating or fundraising for education. We want it to be playful and joyful, but also serious enough so that people realize how important their contribution is. We'll be happy if you can help us spread the word about this project!